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What is the earnest money deposit in a real estate transaction?

Josephine & Raj Sharma

First-time homebuyers know that they’ll need a down payment if they hope to get a loan. What they often donâ...

Don’t Wait until spring! There’s plenty to clean right now

Josephine & Raj Sharma

It’s almost winter (it starts on December 21 this year) and that’s the perfect time to tackle some chores ...

Home-Buying Tips for Veterans

Josephine & Raj Sharma

Veterans Day this year is November 11 (observed on the 12th) but to us, November is Veterans Month. And what.....

Selling Mom and Dad’s Home

Josephine & Raj Sharma

One of life’s most challenging aspects is watching our parents age. Then comes the day when you, and they, r...

Should I Sell my Home and buy Another Now or Wait? 

Josephine & Raj Sharma

We don’t need a crystal ball to tell us when to take the first step in determining if this is...

Winter is coming – make sure you don’t have a gas emergency

Josephine & Raj Sharma

If you leased a property with gas appliances in London, the landlord would be required, by law, to maintain th...

What are you looking for in a home?

Josephine & Raj Sharma

When I bought my first home my priorities included a big backyard and the home had to be single-story. Yes,...

Is your home making you sick?

Josephine & Raj Sharma

Would it surprise you to learn that 1.2 million American children have elevated levels of lead in their blood?...

Everything you need to know about the down payment

Josephine & Raj Sharma

Unless you have a big stash of cash, you’ll need to borrow money to buy a home. Oh, you’ll still...


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