Buying and selling real estate in Lake Elsinore, CA is not like your everyday grocery shopping and a trip to the mall.  It’s much more complicated and requires some expertise.  And with the growing fraud and online scams in the real estate industry, now it’s more essential than ever, that you work with a professional real estate agent who can guide you in the right and safe direction to buy or sell your home in Lake Elsinore, CA

Here are some motives for working with local Lake Elsinore, CA professional Real Estate Agents:

1. No emotional attachments

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As a homeowner, you are emotionally attached to your property.  You live there and spend so much of your time there, you create memories and you fall in love with the place…but when it comes to selling your Lake Elsinore house, you need to keep emotions aside.  As a homeowner, it’s impossible to do this, and this is why you need another set of eyes and someone with expertise in this industry, who can sell your house for the top dollars.  As opposed to you, the homeowner, a real estate agent will have an unbiased judgment when it comes to selling your Lake Elsinore house for the best market value.  Due to your emotional attachment, it may be difficult for you to move forward with the sale and a real estate agents will make sure things are smooth and moving along timely.  You don’t want to ‘sit’ your house for too long in the market, this will start to sway away potential buyers that are ready to buy. 

2. Professionals may already have buyers lined up

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Real estate agents have a network of agents and clients that they work with, day in and day out and they are also in contact with people who may be ready to purchase.  They have a network of mortgage loan professionals that they work with who also may have the right buyers for your house.  These real estate agents will keep an eye out for perfect home they can find for that perfect buyer who may be in contact with them for a long time.   

3. Professionals have the knowledge and expertise on the real estate documents/disclosures

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The amount of documents used these days for the completion of a real estate transaction is enough to make your heads jolt!  Real estate professionals are very well trained and educated to understand and explain these legal documents to you in a timely manner.  Once in escrow for the sale of your house, there are deadlines to be met in each step of the process.  As professionals, real estate agents know when and how to present these documents to the applicable parties, and they know when and how to get the various inspections done and reports submitted, timely.  Having a real estate professional working on your side will help make sure all your paperwork is completed and submitted accordingly. 

4. Negotiation skills

Selling and purchasing real estate requires some serious negotiation skills!  Real estate transactions will most likely be the largest transaction of your life.  Let’s get real, negotiation is not everyone’s cup of tea and the situation can become very demanding and cumbersome.  It requires some special skills and experience for one to be able to negotiate.  Without real estate agent, the negotiation can become chaotic since both parties will stay adamant and not understand and value each other.  Take away the headache and leave it to the professionals to negotiate on your behalf.  A real estate agent will make sure that you benefit from the negotiation since a real estate professional owes fundamental fiduciary duties to his client.

5. Current market knowledge

Lake Elsinore Real Estate Market

Real Estate market is difficult to get a grasp of since there are so many variables and thus it keeps changing.  And this change affects the market at different levels, local level, and national level.  Only a professional will know and understand when the price is right or when it is too low when it’s the right time to buy and when and how to sell your house for the top dollars!  Understanding the local Lake Elsinore market will enable the real estate professional to better advertise your listing and have it available on certain online platforms according to the local market demand.   

6. Knowledge of various marketing platforms

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These days we live in a very high-tech world where the internet is the first-place buyers look into while searching for homes for sale in Lake Elsinore, CA.  If your house is not available to the various internet platforms, these buyers won’t have a clue that your house is available in the market for sale.  You can be losing potential buyers if your house isn’t available and advertised on all these platforms; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, local MLS, and so many other websites.  Real estate agents know exactly where and how to market your listing and they also know the highlights of each house.  Each house has something unique that can be used as the highlight or the selling point and only an expert will know this and be ready to present it correctly to the potential home buyers that are looking to buy in Lake Elsinore. 

7. Assistance in home showings/open houses

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It may be difficult for you to show your house to all the potential buyers and to keep up with all the phone calls and emails in regards to your listing.   A real estate agent will help you schedule showing times and make it more adjustable according to your busy schedule.  You don’t have to be present for the showings, a real estate professional can do it for you and give you feedback from the showings.  Open houses are also very beneficial in getting buyers and a real estate professional will also hold open houses for you while you can still go to work (if allowed by the City).  You won’t have to change or adjust your routine.  Real estate agents also know how to stage your house and this is a very essential marketing technique today.  

Selling and purchasing real estate in Lake Elsinore, CA can be very overwhelming if you don’t know what you are doing and if you don’t have the knowledge of the Lake Elsinore real estate market and all the legal documents and disclosures.  Leave it to the professionals, they do it every day and they have the knowledge and expertise to do it right.  Don’t think that hiring a real estate agent is unnecessary and is an additional cost, instead think of it as speculation where, in return, you will get much more benefits, a higher selling price, help in promoting your listing, help showing your listing and above all, tranquility of mind!

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