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When is the best time to sell home in Lake Elsinore, CA in 2021?

Many homeowners in Lake Elsinore are on the fence if they should sell their home now or later in 2021. This COVID-19 pandemic has scared a lot of home sellers in Lake Elsinore and everywhere from listing their home for sale on the market because they’re scared of strangers coming through their home and they want to protect their family from this pandemic. That’s why many homeowners in Lake Elsinore are not contacting their real estate agent to come list their home for sale.

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Where are all the homes for sale

Many people will like to say the best time to sell the house is during spring or summer real estate market in Lake Elsinore, in normal market that may be true but not in this pandemic. Best time to sell the home is not what you think. Right now is maybe the best time to sell your home in Lake Elsinore, CA, and sell it for top dollars with multiple offers. On average, homes in Lake Elsinore are selling about 2% above the list price and going into pending sale status within 10 days of listing in the market. With fewer sellers on the market and more home buyers on the market which has caused a shortage of inventory in Lake Elsinore and surrounding areas. More first time home buyers are now qualified for higher loan amount due to historically low interested rates lowered by the Feds.

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We’re now truly in a seller’s real estate market, which means that real estate market demand exceeds the home supply. In other words, there are more interested home buyers, but the real estate home inventory is low. Since there are fewer homes available for sale, sellers are at an advantage. In a seller’s market, most homes sell a lot faster, and buyers must compete with each other to buy the property. The buyer’s offer must be strong. Many hot upgraded homes in Lake Elsinore can even sell up to 5% above the list price and become a pending sale in less than a week.

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Sell your home fast and for top dollars

If you are thinking to sell your home and are wondering when is the right time to do so, don’t think anymore. The time can’t be any better than today pick up the phone and contact us today. We’re your top best local Lake Elsinore Real Estate agents and REALTORS®. We will do a comparative analysis of your home to provide you with the correct market value of your property, at no cost to you. Showings of your home will be around your schedule and when it works out best for you. For example, you can only have showings during certain hours of the weekend or a certain weekday as compared to any time of any day. Realtors have to follow a strict COVID-19 guideline while showing homes and provide Buyers with masks/sanitizers/booties, etc. to make sure that there is minimal contact (if any). We make the home selling process easy and stress-free in this pandemic. Curious about what is your home worth in this Pandemic real estate market? To find out your home value Click Here or enter your property address in search bar below and click on find my value button. Check out our other blog post regarding Why List With US for more details on how we help you sell your Lake Elsinore, CA home fast and for top dollars.

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