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What you absolutely must know about HOAs

Josephine & Raj Sharma

A Sacramento area HOA created a requirement that insisted homeowners keep their garage doors open from 8 a.m. ...

5 Benefits Of Buying A New Home In Lake Elsinore, CA.

Josephine & Raj Sharma

Buying a brand new home is always an exciting part of house hunting in Lake Elsinore, CA. Ніstоrісаllу ...

Busting the 3 biggest private mortgage insurance myths

Josephine & Raj Sharma

One of the most frustrating issues we’ve dealt with over the past few years is the confusion over private mo...

Tips for House Hunting when Relocating to a New Area

Josephine & Raj Sharma

The best part of moving to a new town or city is the newness of the whole thing. Getting to...

Military Home Buyers- Нow To Get A VA Loan

Josephine & Raj Sharma

MILITARY HOME BUYERS – НОW TО GЕT А VА LОАN Оnе оf thе рrіmаrу drеаms оf mіlіtаrу...

Discrimination in Mortgage Lending

Josephine & Raj Sharma

  There was a time in our country’s history when discrimination in lending was blatant and rampant. In ...

Knowledge: The antidote for homebuyer panic

Josephine & Raj Sharma

“Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make,” is one of the first “tips” you...

Don’t make these 6 mistakes when applying for a mortgage

Josephine & Raj Sharma

There’s a road you will head down when you first decide that it’s time to buy a home. Before taking...

Real estate lingo defined: What is due diligence?

Josephine & Raj Sharma

After a long, grueling search, including several overheated bidding wars, Jim and Claire found the California ...


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